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Warm Weather Regimen

This regimen is still in the making and subject to change frequently until I get it how my hair likes it.

Cleansing Routine
During the warmer months I like to shampoo weekly because I love being outside. As a result, there will be build up from sweat and outside dander and dust.
Dudu-Osun Black Soap Shampoo

Conditioning Routine
All year long I deep condition weekly- This does not change.
Leave-In Conditioners
Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave-in conditioner

Moisturizing & Sealing
The Sun is hot and always on my head so I still like to moisturize my hair after being exposed to the harmful rays of the Sun. Moisturizing and sealing will be done multiple times throughout the week.
Kemi Oyl Conditioning Spray (moisturizer)
Moisturizing shea butter mix (sealing)

Styling Products
IC Aloe Vera Gel (for slicking back hair for buns)
Shea Butter (for all other styles)

Coconut Oil (used to prepoo)
Olive Oil (used to prepoo and in DC)
Peppermint Oil (used in DC)
Rosemary Oil (used in DC)

Special/Other Treatments
Protein: 1 egg & 1 tbs olive oil added to Lustrasilk Shea Butter Cholesterol
Pre-poo: generous amount of Coconut Oil or Olive Oil applied to hair and left overnight
Henna: twice a year (start of fall and start of spring)
Trims: when needed, S&D!!!

Hair Styles
Buns/Twists/Cornrows Monday - Friday
Braid Out/Twist Out/Wash N Go – on weekends

Hair Challenges
Weekday protective style challenge (self challenge) buns, twists, updos, etc

Shampoo weekly on Saturday (if possible)
Deep Condition weekly (minimum of 30 minutes)
Protective style Monday - Friday
Co-wash – when needed
Hair out days: weekends only Pre-poo (before shampoo only) → Friday night (overnight)