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Sunday Style: Jill Scott Inspired

Jill Scott rocked this style on the red carpet of the Why Did I Get Married Too? (I can't wait to see this movie!) premier and on the Jimmy Fallon show:

Here is my interpretation:

I had to change up the cornrow pattern just a little because I don't have any hair to grip at my temples (I'm okay with that). The most challenging part of this style was parting for the cornrows while trying to look in the mirror and compare the parts to the pic. I liked the outcome of this style.

Sunday's Message:
The Man in the Middle
John 19:4-11
In this story Pilate was caught in the middle and used in ways that he did not foresee - as a result, His hands got dirty. Most of us will steer clear of troublesome situations if we see them coming. We need to recognize that God has the power to use us for honor or dishonor but He still controls the outcome.
You can get dirty hands:
1. When you put popularity before principles (doing what people want instead of what you know to be right)
2. By not using the authority you have (staying silent when God tells you to speak up)
3. By assuming power you don't have (every situation is not ours to fix)