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Sunday Style: BBA

BBA? Big Beautiful Afro...it came to me while I was sitting in church (lol). I never like that BAA term because well, I don't use that type of language and I don't even like to think them. So it's a BBA for me :)

BTW, have you heard: National Afro Day

Sunday's Message: "Tongue Tied"
Proverbs 18:20-21; Deuteronomy 30:11-15, 19
Instead of points the preacher of the day asked us questions. I like questions because they stimulate thinking:
1. How can the tongue bind us to death?
2. Why would we choose any other option?
3. Can we loose something that has already been bound to death?
From this message I got that we should use our tongues to defeat our situations and give life. Instead of our tongue to make our situations worse and tear people down we should be as the word says we are. The Word says we are "the head and not the tail, lenders not borrowers, and the salt of the earth." You are what you eat - including the words you speak with your mouth.