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How I Retain Moisture

I found that when I made moisture my primary goal (not length, style, etc) it made a dramatic difference. I pre-pooed to retain moisture and prevent drying shampoo, the shampoo I used was selected because of minimal stripping properties, my conditioner’s choice was targeted towards the ones that seemed to be the most moisturizing, and now my styling products that are chosen for their moisturizing properties.

I aim to implement moisture at each step of my regimen:

Pre-poo: The first step in my regimen and like so many things in life the first step is the most important step. So don’t slack at this step.

Shampoo: A stripping shampoo can make your pre-poo step almost irrelevant. First I aim at really cleaning my scalp by applying shampoo directly to my scalp. While I am massaging the shampoo on my scalp suds form and I use those to cleanse the rest of my length.

Conditioner: I used to think that any conditioner could be used as a deep conditioner until I read somewhere (that I can’t find right now) that there is molecular difference in rinse out conditioners and deep conditioners. I am still on the fence with this one but that’s a topic for another day. The goal for moisture at the conditioning step is to deep condition with a moisturizing conditioner. The way in which you do (shower cap, heat, no heat, etc) really had not shown that big of a difference to me.

Styling: You don’t want the last step of your routine to ruin all of your hard work. Selecting a styling product that contributes to all of moisturizing that you have done at each step will benefit a whole lot more than an alcohol filled drying product. I style on damp hair and seal as I go.

Special treatment, such as protein, that are done to strengthen the hair should be followed with a moisturizing treatment. Proper strength and moisturize will decrease or prevent breakage. Too much of anything can be harmful so proper balance is key.

I retain moisture by adding moisture in each step. I haven’t had a problem with dryness for almost a year.

As always, this is what I found that works for me – experiment and find what works for your hair.