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What's Your Nighttime Regimen?

As naturals or individuals on our healthy hair journeys, we tend to spend a lot of time on our seasonal regimens and that makes it easy to forget about the nighttime regimen. What good is a great summer regimen if you destroy most of your efforts at night?

When developing a nighttime regimen you should first examine what it is that your hair will need throughout the night. Loose hair will have different needs than hair that is in a protective style.

For example my nighttime hair regimens are as follows:

Loose hair
Whether it's twist-outs, braid-outs, or curly sets, I pineapple my hair and put on either my loc soc or my satin bonnet. I don't apply any product to my hair at night when its loose because I tend to lose most of the product in my bonnet, on the pillowcase, or on the sheets when I am sleeping at night. In the morning I will remove the bonnet/loc soc, fluff, and spray with a light oil. I don't spritz my hair with a water-based product because for me, water=frizz on loose hair. Also, I don't retwist or rebraid because I have learned that my hair does not respond well to a lot of manipulation

If my hair is straight, I apply coconut oil or shea butter to the ends of my hair at night. Then I wrap my hair and put on a durag. This helps keep my hair straight and prevent it from drying out when I have flat ironed my hair.

Updos and Protective Styles
My nighttime regimen is easy when my hair is in a protective style. When my hair is in a protective style I can use water-based products and I don't get frizz. So I will spritz my hair with a water-based product at night and tie down my hair with a durag. The water-based product in combination with a du-rag actually helps the fly-aways lay down and keeps the style looking fresh longer.

How is your nighttime regimen? Have you learned any helpful tips or tricks along the way?