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I've come a long way

Every now and again look back at some of my old photos from when I first started on my healthy hair journey and I realized that I have come a long way. That includes my hair care techniques and my styling skills. Sometimes I look back a photos and wonder why I thought it was okay to wear my hair that way.

The photo below is a picture of a braidout I did back in 2007. Yes, my hair felt as dry as it looked. During this time I was still hoping on bandwagons and trying to take care of my hair based on my "hair type." Those days were full of set backs.

This is how my braid-outs look now. My hair is easier for me to style and manage. It feels softer and dryness is no longer a problem I have to battle. I have learned so much about my hair what I need to do to take care of it. I wonder how they will look in a few more years....

I haven't deleted those old photos of bad hair and bad styles because I am hoping that they will inspire someone out there. Your best hair won't come overnight but with patience it will come in time. If you don't keep a public photo journal of your hair journey, keep a private one. On days when you feel like you are not getting anywhere they may serve as the encouragement you need to keep on going.