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I tried the Curly Girl Method...

I first heard about the Curly Girl Method on the CurlyNikki.com forums. I have always been a shampoo girl so when I read that it eliminated shampoo I didn't give this method a second thought. Plus, I was done with bandwagons by the time I heard of the Curly Girl Method. However, not to long ago I started washing my hair twice a week but I only used shampoo once a week. I liked how soft my hair felt after the co-washes plus I didn't need to DC after co-washes so they are somewhat of a time-saver. To make a long story short - I thought this would be a good time to try a modified Curly Girl Method.

To begin the Curly Girl Method I clarified my hair with a sulfate shampoo, deep conditioned with a -cone free conditioner and rinsed in cool water. After that first wash I followed it with conditioner washing only on wash days for one month.

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My method was modified because I did not leave my hair loose and I still used oils on my hair. After one month of using conditioner only my hair was soft and there was little to no breakage but to be honest I really couldn't tell much difference between my shampooed hair and my no shampoo hair.

When I use shampoo I only use it on my scalp so the shampoo is not applied to the length of my hair anyway. I also steam and deep condition every wash day so shampoo has not had any ill effects on my hair. One benefit from this method would be that I would not have to do as much steaming and conditioning on wash day if I wasn't using shampoo.

I would say if you are curious about the curly girl method, give it a try. What have you got to lose? You may already have the products needed to get started.

Have you tried the Curly Girl Method? How did it work for you?