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Calling all Budgetistas...(part 2)

My first Budgetista post covered links and websites that enable you to get free stuff. This list is covers the ways in which you can save money on items that you have to buy (like groceries and gas).

► Food - SouthernSavers
Our last grocery trip we purchased $89 worth of groceries before taxes. After coupons and using our rewards card we ending up paying only $50. Each week I match up the coupons in our local paper with the items on sale that week at the store. I was fortunate to find a blog in our area that organizing all the coupons in an MS Excel spreadsheet and that helps make the coupon matching go a lot smoother. 

On our best week: Total: $90, Paid: $40 - total saving of $50
We you save more than you spend, it's a GREAT feeling.

Take advantage of reward programs: At Kroger the gas last weekend was $3.56/gal we paid $3.36/gal (06/25/2011).
At Sheetz you get $0.03 off per gallon with every gas purchase when you use your MySheetz card. The MySheetz card is not a credit card, it's their version of a rewards card.

Clothing - Shop It To Me
Sign up for Shop It To Me, when you sign up they send you a list of items on sale. The list has been tailored to fit your style.

Shoes - 6pm
I love shoes but my budget doesn't. So when I see a pair I want I will hunt for the best deal. While hunting one day, I came across 6pm.com, it offers some top brands for 50%-80% off. You can sign up for their email list and each day they will send you a list of brands that are marked even lower for that day. The best thing is that they ship fast. If I order a pair of shoes on Monday they usually arrive by Thursday. 6pm.com also has flat rate shipping.

All sites mentioned in the Budgetista posts have been tried by me (the guinea pig) and they are all legit sites. Happy shopping and happy savings! Enjoy!