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Textured Updo [Inspired by MsVaughnTV]

I'd watched MsVaughnTV's UpDo with Jamaican Braiding Hair a while back and really liked it but didn't think I would be doing it because I don't like to use weave. No real reason why, just personal preference. This weekend I was playing around with my hair and had the idea that I could achieve her updo with my current length. I am happy to say that it worked and I really like the style. See my rendition below:

To achieve this look:

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo
Herbal Essence Long-term Relationship Conditioner
Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner
Raw Shea Butter
Fantasia Aloe Vera Gel

Hair Clips
Hair pins
Bobby Pins
Wide tooth comb
Soft boar bristle brush

Wash, Condition, and Detangle hair into two top sections.
Leave front section (bang area) loose and secure the back portion with a ponytail holder
Cornrow the front section forward
Plait the hair in the ponytail
For a neat set, let the hair dry completely before removing all braids
Remove braids and pin into place as desired
To maintain at night you can wrap your hair in a satin bonnet