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Sunday Style: Curly 'fro

"Ultimate independence is total dependence on the word of God."

Wanna see a #fail? I have yet to master the curly 'fro, maybe my hair just doesn't want to do that particular style. It never comes out looking like a curly 'fro. This Sunday it just looked...that's it. Just looked.

I attempted to achieve the curly 'fro by flat twisting and doing bantu knots at the end of the twists. This method didn't work the way I imagined it would so back to the drawing board I go.

Sunday message
Ultimate Freedom
John 8:1-11; 31-32
The woman in the text was granted the ultimate freedom is when Jesus free her after she was caught in the act of adultery. The woman represents you and me in that she dead and caught up in her sin. The men that brought the woman to Jesus wanted to know what he would do but instead of answering them Jesus acted as if he did not hear them. Sometime you have to act like you don't hear your adversaries. However, just because you act like you don't hear them it does not mean that they will go away. Jesus stood up on the woman's behalf in this text without directly judging her. When Jesus stands up on you behalf - your enemies will have to leave you alone. The woman was freed from the bondage of sin - that is the ultimate freedom.

I love this song!