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Coconut Oil + My Hair = winning combination

I've mentioned my love for coconut oil before. But I recently read some new information and wanted to post this topic again. That's just how much I love coconut oil.

One of the oils that I love to use on my hair is coconut oil. My hair has responded well to this oil since the day I first started using it.When ever I come across information about using coconut oil I am very intrigued.

Studies have been conducted comparing the effectiveness of coconut oil to other oils. What was found is great news for a coconut oil lover:
The findings clearly indicate the strong impact that coconut oil application has to hair as compared to application of both sunflower and mineral oils. Among three oils, coconut oil was the only oil found to reduce the protein loss remarkably for both undamaged and damaged hair when used as a pre-wash and post-wash grooming product.
Audrey Sivasothy states that "coconut oil benefits black hair in two important ways. First, coconut oil's hydrophobic oil characteristics allow it to inhibit the penetration of water from the surrounding air and environment. Second, coconut oil is able to bind to the natural protein structure of the hair. This helps the hair retain its natural moisture content and reinforces the hair fiber, making it stronger."

Another interesting finding is that coconut oil works better as a prepoo compared to using it after your wash session. The reason being cause coconut oil is more likely to penetrate wet hair fibers. I have not used coconut oil as a prepoo but I will be trying that this weekend.

How do I use coconut oil?
I typically use coconut oil on my hair as a sealer. I apply my leave-in conditioner and then coconut oil before my hair dries. One of the benefits of using coconut oil is that it strengthens my nails when I use it to style my hair. Styling my hair can sometimes take up to an hour so it's almost like soaking my nails in the oil for an hour. I have used coconut oil in my skin but I prefer it on my hair. It can really leave the skin shiny and I'm not a fan on the shiny look on me. I purchase my coconut oil from Whole Foods and I have opted to use and stick with unrefined coconut oil. One jar will last me a while so this is a product I can afford to use consistently.

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