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Sunday Style: The Pompadour

This one was inspired by Ms. Sasha Fierce a.k.a. Beyonce:

My attempt:
ehh, close enough

To get this style I divide my hair in three section along the front. I made the middle section into the pompadour by pinning the section in place when I achieved the height I desired. Then took the two side sections and pinned them back.

Sunday's Message (I LOVED this one!):
"How To Handle Haters"
1 Samuel 10:1 & 27
When you are in the favor of God not everyone will rejoice with you. This is when you will discover that you have some haters. A hater is someone that is jealous and envious of you and spends all of their time trying to make you look small and themselves look big - and they are not always your enemies, haters can be those that say they "love" you. If you don't know how to handle your haters, you will end up aborting your blessing (due to trying to get back at them). If God wanted you to be like someone else he would have given you what he gave them.
How do you handle haters:
1. Be confident in your purpose
2. Know your haters (it's not that they don't like you - they have a history of being critical and dysfunctional
3. Remember that what you have is by divine prerogative, not human manipulation

"Hater Day" - Canton Jones