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All-Star Lineup

For the past few weeks I have been using the same combination of products and amazingly received the same results each time. I think I have found my all-star lineup!

Leave-in Conditioner: SheaMoisture Shea Butter Leave-in

It is a great feeling to have an arsenal that you know works for you. The products listed leave my hair feeling moisturized, soft, easy to detangle, and extremely manageable.

It took some time and patience but I feel like I have truly learned my hair. Many of the products above are new to me and they were chosen by the way of me looking at the ingredients in each product. A while back, per a suggestion from CurlyNikki.com Curly Chemist Dajewel, I listed out the ingredients in products that I was currently using. From that I have been able to just read a product and predict how it would work on my hair. So far so good.

How I use the products:
I pre-poo for 1 hour, finger detangle under running water with the Suave tropical coconut. During this step I am separating my hair into two sections, one on each side. Then I shampoo each side gently massaging my scalp and bringing the soap down my length with slinging my hair all around (that equals tangles), I also use my shower comb at this step to detangle further. After both sides are shampooed and rinsed I apply HE HH to each section and use claw clips to pin them up. I leave the conditioner in while I got through my regular wash routine. The last thing I do before getting out of the shower is rinse the conditioner out with my modified Conair cushion base brush (by modified I mean that I removed every other row of bristles). Then I plait each side.

Once out of the shower I un-plait each side and apply my leave-in conditioner. If I am not going to style my hair immediately I plait it back up. If I am going to style I spray on my moisturizer and seal with the shea butter mix as I go.

This routine changes if I am bunning. Instead of plaiting I form my pony tail in the shower and I don't completely rinse out the HE HH conditioner. Then I apply my leave-in, moisturizer, and shea butter to the exposed ponytail hair.

With this routine I continue to stick to my rule of 3 with my finishing products. Only the (1) leave-in, (2) moisturizer, and (3) shea butter.