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Heat Protection

My plans for the end of the Castor Oil challenge originally included a roller-set so that I could get an idea of how much length I had retained by the end of winter. I decided to also flat-iron for a super straight look that is now rare for me.
Because I now care about what I do to my hair I want to take proper precautions so I started doing my research on heat protectants. I never used one before because I didn't know any better.

What I found was:
-heat protectants work by coating the hair and protecting it during heat styling
-most heat protectants contain dimethicones and other -cones to protect the hair
-a good heat protectant has a low thermal conductivity (it absorbs heat)
-they can serve as protection from UV rays (hmmm?)
-if your hair is wet, heat can cause the water in the hair shaft to boil/steam which can cause the hair shaft to burst
-thermal protectors coat the hair with polymers and provide topical protection
-no amount of product can fully protect your hair from heat

Here is the product that I am going to try: