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Sunday Style: Flexi-Rod Updo

This is a recycled style - I used to do this style when I was in high school and wanted a formal look. However, back then the back was a French roll and the front was pin curls done with a smoking (literally) hot curler.

Presently, the back is a high pony and all the pin curls were done with flexi-rods. I used CurlyNikki's setting lotion mix to set the pin curls. I had to cook (a lot) for Sunday dinner so I didn't get started on my hair until late so it was still a little damp in the morning. I even sat under the dryer for a little over an hour. We all know dampness = frizz. So the pin curls were too frizzy for my taste but I made it work with some spray and a du-rag. I tied my hair down during the 30 minute drive to church and it made a big difference in the amount of frizz.

Sunday's Message:
"When God Revokes the FOG"
Matt 27:46
The Pastor made a great point that some people present becoming a Christian as a "cure-all" for all of life's problems. However, as we mature as Christians we learn that life is not all rosy - we can't have Christ without a cross (John 16:33). And though you are in the FOG you may not always be there, sometimes God will rescind the FOG (Job 1:21).
Why will God rescind the FOG?
1) To teach us a lesson in obedience -Gen 3:1-7
2) To test our faithfulness -Job14:14
3. To demonstrate that he has no respect of persons -Matt 27:46
Bonus: To prove to your enemy that God will always have the last say! -Job 42 (Everything Job lost - he got back even more in return)