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Power "puff" Women

With so many people looking for work in this economy, many of us are trying to eliminate any obstacle that could stand in our way of obtaining employment. Career-seeking women wearing their natural textured hair have one more thing to worry about "will they judge me because of my hair." To say 'no that will never happen' is a lie. From what I know, I have never been denied any job or promotion because of the way that I wear my hair but I wouldn't put it past anyone because we all human and all have different opinions. You can look through this blog and see the many different hairstyles that I have worn and I can say with confidence, 99% of them have been worn at work and I have gotten my job and been promoted 2 times with my hair. So for now, I do what I want with my hair -within reason.

The only time my hair was a distraction was during an interview when the interviewer was more interested in my hair care regimen and products than they were about my skills. For that reason alone I prefer to wear buns when I need people focused on something other than my hair.

There are a number of women that are in high ranking positions in the workforce that acutally wear thier natural hair. This is only a few:

1. Elaine R. Jones: President and director counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.
2. Marian Wright Edelman: Founder and President of the Children's Defense Fund
3. Ursula Burn: Vice President and General Manager, Departmental Copier Business Xerox
4. Brenda Lauderback: Retired President of the Wholesale and Retail Group of Nine West Group, Inc.
5. Siza Mzimela: CEO South-African Airways
6. Esi Eggleston Bracey: VP & GM Global Cosmetics Innovation, Branding and Operations Procter & Gamble
7. Julie Brown: SVP, Procurement Kraft Foods
8. Susan E. Chapman: Global Head of Operations & Strategy, Citigroup Corporate Realty Services

My thought is that we are more concerned about our hair because our own people have planted that thought in our mind that our naturally textured hair is not acceptable. Sadly, it seems that many naturals receive more acceptance and compliments from people who do not look like them - family and friends included.

When wearing your natural hair anywhere, you should wear it with confidence. However if you are not yet ready to take the chance of obtaining employment with your natural hair, you have options. That is one of the best things about natural hair - versatility.
Optional styles include:
- Buns, if your hair isn't long enough, get a phony bun
- Wigs, if it looks natural no one will be able to tell
- Neat twist-outs, keep it defined by twisting neatly on damp hair and don't fluff
- Roller-sets, individuals with straight hair wear curls all the time
- You can even press/flat iron your hair if you are not afraid of heat

Mostly importantly when interviewing be sure to know your stuff (company history, scenarios, job duties, etc). Perfect hair serves no purpose if you bomb the interview. Good luck ladies and I hope this post motivates you to chase your dreams no matter how your hair looks.

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