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Calling all Budgetistas...

I love shopping to a certain extent but I hate spending money. When I spend my hard earned pennies I want the best for my money. I realized after starting that I am going to have to do this post in 2 parts - 1 for the free stuff and part 2 for the discounted items. Up first....the free!

Free Samples 
The samples from Walmart and Target will vary so it's best to check back at least weekly so that you won't miss something that you are interesting in obtaining.
Walmart Free Samples
Target - Free Samples

Swagbucks - earn points for searching the web and then redeem those points for prizes
A lot of folks believe this is scam and some even say that it put a virus on their computer. Let me share what I learned. DON'T download anything from any site if you do not have a good anti-virus software. Bookmark the website but don't set it to be your default homepage. You can download the toolbar and use the website that way. I have not had ANY problems whatsoever. Instead of using Google ALL the time, use the Swagbucks search engine every now and again so that you can rack up points quickly. Then redeem your points for prizes and enjoy. I just redeemed points to get a $50 amazon.com gift card - that will definitely come in handy.

MyLikes - Like stuff, share it, and get paid - cash.
For this one, you must have a paypal account because that is how you will receive your earnings. The only thing that can be annoying about this site is that if you are constantly "liking" things, your followers/readers will get annoyed. I actually follow a person on twitter that "likes" more than she tweets...not cool. Some of the likes are really interesting so you have the option to share things that you are truly interested in sharing with others.

The web pages below are dedicated to directing you to daily deals that are FREE. Sometimes you have to "like" the product on Facebook in order to get your free sample and other times you just have to go to the manufacturers website and print off a coupon for the free item.
Free Product Samples
My Free Product Samples

If you get started now, you maybe able to get some of the little Christmas shopping out of the way now without even spending a dime. Enjoy!

Got any good free spots to share? 
If you have experience using any of the sites above please leave a comment with your thoughts.