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30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 29

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 29: Five Weird Things That You Like

Of course, I don't think they are weird because I like them - but other people seem to think it's weird.

1. The Masago Roll (sushi) - once people find out that it's fish eggs they tend to be grossed out (after eating it, lol)

2. Drink water after eating ice cream
For some reason ice cream makes me extremely thirsty so I must have a glass of ice water nearby for immediate guzzling

3. I like my clothes in the closet to be color coordinated, ROY G BIV style.

4. I can't go on road trips in a dirty or cluttered vehicles

5. I can't sleep at night without a ceiling fan - any other kinda of fan makes me sick, literally but without a fan I will sweat all night