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Re-twisting my Hubby's Locs

My hubby has locs. Guess who maintains them? Yup. Me. I started his locs this go-round (his 3rd batch) and he tricked me into keeping them up for him. It has been 5 years - 5 long hand cramping years, lol.

I actually have to plan hair days so that I am not trying to do my hair on the same day that I do his hair. I did that one and my hands cramped up halfway through styling my hair. I was not happy.

On to his hair...he let me get some pics to post (I guess it's my payment) :)

I have tried many products over the years to re-twist his locks and we finally found one that we both like and will be sticking with, Murray's Loc-Lock. It holds without getting hard and it does not flake.

Because my hubby works in a somewhat conservative office setting I've opted to use two different methods for re-twisting his hair. I do the latch-hook method on the back portion of his hair and palm roll the front of his hair. The palm roll allows the front to look really neat and presentable.

His job doesn't give him any grief over his hair, it just has to be pulled back and presentable. He gets a lot of compliments from his older customers.

In the before photo I applied conditioner to his hair, had him sit under the steamer, and then rinse thoroughly. The after picture is the next morning after re-twisting and then sleeping in the Loc Soc.