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north south dakota evacuations

north south dakota evacuations

north south dakota evacuations. Authorities pressed a mandatory evacuation on Wednesday in flood-hit parts of Minot, North Dakota, and South Dakota's governor urged residents to evacuate parts of the capital ahead of rising flows from the swollen Missouri River.

Police and National Guard soldiers went door-to-door in Minot urging up to 12,000 residents to evacuate as officials cut natural gas service to neighborhoods affected by rising waters along the Souris River, a Red River tributary.Flooding on the Souris has eclipsed records set in damaging floods in 1976 and 1969 and forced Amtrak to suspend service on its Empire Builder line west of St. Paul due to track closings and damage to its Minot station.

Volunteers, contractors and National Guard soldiers and airmen were racing on Wednesday to extend and raise levees in North and South Dakota cities including both state capitals to hold back the rising Missouri River.

Heavy rains and a deep melting snowpack from a snowy winter have led to historic water levels in the Missouri River basin and nearby river systems from Idaho to North Dakota and down through South Dakota.

Six reservoirs on the Upper Missouri River are straining at or near capacity, forcing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to release water that will push the river several feet above already high levels.

The Missouri River basin forms the northwest bowl of the massive Mississippi River system that stretches from the Rockies to western New York in the north and funnels water down through Louisiana to the Gulf of Mexico.

The Corps held back on releasing flows to take some of the edge off what has already been record Mississippi River flooding this year in some areas of the mid-South. Current releases will take nearly two weeks to reach the Mississippi River near St. Louis. Mississippi flood stages are expected to be extended a few weeks by the Missouri flows, but not raised.