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Product Review: Loc Soc

This review is coming from my husband who has been wearing the Loc Soc since I purchased it for him from the NC Natural Hair Care Expo 2010 and then 2 more at the 2011 expo.

Material: Lycra fabric - 15 inches long

They say: Whether you have locs, braids, an afro or any hair that needs an added twists, the Loc Soc is the perfect hair accessory for you

He says: "It works for most part, does what its supposed to do. Easy to sleep in and gives you a lot of versatility. The one I own is blue but if it was black it would be worn more out in public. I can definitely see someone wear one as a part of an outfit because of the different ways it can be worn. Over time it gets loose but a cycle in the washer and dryer will bring it back to its original form. For someone with dreadlocks its 100% better than a du-rag. This is a product that I would buy again this time in black. My only critique would be that sleeping in the loc soc it can start to slide off once it because loose but the problem is resolves once the soc is washed and dried."

Update: My hubby now owns one in black - he's happy. :)

I bought myself a Loc Soc!

I Say: I wasn't quite sure how this would on my hair but worse case - I would give it to my Hubby if it didn't work. If you pineapple your hair to maintain a twist-out for a few days, the loc soc works great. I recently did two strand twists and usually I sleep in a bonnet and in the morning my twists are smashed and flattened. I slept in my loc soc last night and my twists look great - no flattened twists this morning. The loc soc does not fit snug around the edges so if you are looking to get smooth edges you would have to tie down your edges first and then put on the loc soc. Another plus with this product is that it comes in so many different colors that they are easy to purchase to specifically pair with an outfit.