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How is your summer regimen looking this year?

The meteorological definition of summer states that it begins on June 1, however our traditional calendars indicate that June 21 is the first official day of Summer. Well, in my opinion it's been hot enough to be summer so I am going to move forward and start implementing my Summer hair care regimen now.

This is another example of giving your hair what it needs when it needs it. Schedules don't always work because your hair can have a mind of its own.

For the past few summers I have following this regimen:

Moisturize (ends of hair if they are exposed & feel dry)
Pre-poo (oils)
Deep condition (moisturizing conditioner)
Protective styles M-F, hair out only on weekends
Moisturize and Seal when needed
Deep condition with a protein conditioner 
It's been working great so I plan on continuing with this regimen. I am thinking about easing up on the shampoo. Not for any real reason - I am just curious about the Curly Girl Method and I want to see how my hair would respond to living without shampoo. I'll try to give it a shot for a month and return with feedback.
How does your Summer regimen look? If this is your first Summer as a natural, what are your concerns?