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Can caffeine encourage hair growth?

Caffeine can stimulate hair growth! That is according to some studies that have been done related to male pattern baldness. However, it's not the drinking of it stimulates the growth, it's the topical application of the caffeine found in tea and/or coffee. If you were to try drinking caffeine for growth, it would take drinking up to 60-80 cups a day to impact your hair growth. Researchers are currently looking at ways to boost the topical application of caffeine through a spray or a caffeinated shampoo. Currently, I do black tea rinses (which contain caffeine) to control my hair shedding because I am such an heavy shedder. When I do black tea rinses consistently (weekly) I do notice a huge decrease in the amount of hair that I shed.

On to the topic at hand...

How does caffeine prevent hair loss and stimulate growth?
According to a study published by the International Journal of Dermatology, caffeine blocks out a hormone called DHT which is responsible for male pattern baldness and damage to hair follicles. In the study hair samples were taken from men and monitored in a laboratory for eight days, and it was shown that caffeine consumption had boosted hair growth 33 to 40 percent.[3] This finding is also being applied to research regarding hair growth/loss in women.

What is the amount of caffeine you can expect per drink?

A single serving of caffeine is considered to be 100mg, roughly the amount in one cup of brewed coffee. The table below shows the estimated caffeine content for some common beverages.
2oz Espresso 40 to 120  mg
8oz Brewed Drip Coffee 60 to 160  mg
8oz Decaffeinated Coffee 3 to 5  mg
8oz Green Tea 20 to 40  mg
8oz Black Tea 20 to 60  mg
12oz  Coca-Cola Classic 34  mg
12oz Mountain Dew 55  mg
8oz Red Bull 80  mg

Source: Hair Loss And Caffeine

Thinking of adding caffeine to your regimen?
Don't get too carried away, too much caffeine can actually boost DHT and lead to hair-loss. Just like many things with hair - the trick here is to find the balance.

Check it out: Jc over at The Natural Haven did a post last year about the effects of caffeine on hair growth.

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