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You Asked, I Answered

You Asked:
Hi my name is ****** and i am a 14 year old and i am getting serious about my hair. I have been natural for my whole life. I am focusing on growing my hair long like yours and making sure its healthy. I have been following you for a long time. I was just wondering could you please tell me how to moisturize my hair while in cornrows and twist but exspecially for cornrows. You have beautiful hair and i cant wait till my hair gets long like that. Thanks

I Answered:
Lucky you! I wish I would have had someone to talk to or somewhere to go to ask about my natural hair when I was 14. I spent a lot of time and effort trying to keep my curls hidden. At your age many of the decisions you make about your hair will have to be run by the parental units first. It's a part of life - we all went through it. But since you are already natural it sounds like they are on board with your hair being in it's natural state. High five to them!
When I wear my hair in cornrows or twists I moisturize by using a spray bottle filled with my moisturizer to help spread the product through the hair. For instance, I am currently wearing two-strand twists and each morning I spray a mixture of my leave-in conditioner and water onto my hair (50:50 mix). This technique would work the same for cornrows. In my opinion, moisturizing hair that is twisted or braided is the easiest because you just spray and go. Important: Don't forget to MOISTURIZE THE ENDS of your hair. If you neglect the ends they can become dry and brittle. When they get to the point chances are that they ends will break off and it will appear that your hair is not growing at all.
Take good care of your hair and keep it moisturized - you will have long hair in no time! You're still growing so take advantage of that and continue to engage in healthy hair practices.

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