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What's on my playlist?

June 2011

For the past 2 weeks one album has been on constant rotation and I think it deserves to be acknowledged. Some of you may have heard of Alicia James - well you need to hear this album. It's awesome! Currently my favorite song is "Love Me So Naturally" because it motivates me to stay empowered and stay confident. I let my Hubby listen to the album one day while we were riding and he really liked it.

She has a soothing voice and some nice mellow beats that will still  thump in the trunk. If you are like me and tired of the garbage on the radio - this is what you need in your life right now.

Usually I am only listening to my gospel/christian music - it's what I love and enjoy. Most songs I hear nowadays seem to only be about doing dirt, money, cars, and other foolishness. I don't want to hear that, I want to be uplifted. Alicia James' album accomplishes just that.

I don't understand why Ms Alicia James is not a SUPERSTAR already! Check her out on YouTube and you may just catch a free download.

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Alicia James on Bandcamp ← Download the album