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Today's Henna Experience

Photo is from a previous Henna treatment

I took a few days off of work this week and I decided to pamper myself a little so I did a henna treatment. My henna mix now is simple (no surprise there).

My Henna Mix
2 Black Tea Bags
1 quart of water
Brew the tea on low heat for 30 minutes so that it will be strong
Mix 2 cups of tea with one package of Jamila Henna in a plastic bowl
Stir until mixed well, it will be slighty lumpy and that's okay because the lumps will disappear
Let the mix sit over night in a covered bowl

Applying the Henna to my hair
Give the Henna mix a few more stirs before using
Separate your hair into workable sections - I do 4 sections
Wearing gloves, apply the henna to your hair section by section
Let the henna sit for the time desired. I usually do 2-3 hours
After the henna has been applied, put a plastic cap or bag on your hair to prevent any accidental messes

When it's time to rinse I like to hold my hair under running water and let the water do most of the work before I put my hands in my hair
The water will not run clear but the color will get lighter, once it gets lighter you can use your hands to start massaging out the excess Henna (I don't wear gloves at this point because its easier for me)
This time I used a mild shampoo to help cleanse my hair of the henna

Conditioning (IMPORTANT STEP)
Sometimes after doing a Henna treatment individuals will state that their hair feels rough and dry. Deep conditioning well is important to decrease the chances of that occurring with your hair
This time I deep conditioned with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. I applied the conditioner all over in the same manner in which I applied the Henna.
After the conditioner was applied I sat under the hair steamer for about 20 minutes and then rinsed well.
Applied my leave-in conditioner and set my hair in cornrows.

At this point I am unable to tell if the henna has changed my hair color (which is want I want). Right now my hair feel stronger and the strands feel smoother. My hair was relatively softer after the deep conditioning. I will remove the cornrows tomorrow - because today I am lounging. Pics will be posted. Stay tuned...

Tip: If you are a klutz like me, it may be beneficial for your to put down a few old and dark colored towels in your work-space. If you get Henna on anything - I have been successful in removing the stains with Oxiclean.