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Sunday Style: Cornrows and a Side Swept Twist-out

Sunday's hair was second day hair from Saturday's style. I put a few cornrows on one side and then flat twisted the other side for a twist-out.

On Saturday:

Then on Sunday:

To refresh the twist-out I moisturized my hair (review of that product coming real soon), sealed with coconut oil, and flat twisted. The result was a soft defined twist out. Then I fluffed until it was as big as I wanted it.

This past Sunday was graduation Sunday - all the high school and college grads were acknowledged. Instead of a sermon we all received a motivational word from a guest speaker. It made me think back to the 30 Day Blog Challenge post about my thoughts on education. After hearing that speech I told my husband that if I was a high school senior, I would not want to go to college after hearing that speech. The speech wasn't bad at all - it was real. The speaker made it plain that it's going to take a lot more than education to make it in this world. I agree.

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