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Sunday Style: Banana Clip Updo

This past weekend was extremely long and busy. On Saturday the Hubby and I rode in the Central Children's Home parade on his motorcycle. It was HOT and sitting in the sun on a bike throwing heat from the engine made it hotter. Then I had some manual labor to do after the parade. Our day started at 7am and I did not get out of the heat until 5:30pm. I was exhausted and had no energy for hair.

I wore two cornrows (1 on each side) all day so that my helmet would fit and so that I could be somewhat cooler throughout the day. When I took the cornrows out my hair was stretched and all over the place - it was a mess. So, I pulled one of my previous styles out of retirement and created an updo with a banana clip.

I created this look using the technique in this tutorial (19), starting at the 2:10 mark:

Sunday's Message
In My Father's House
Luke 15:11-13
God gives us the gracious gift of freewill and just because he doesn't interfere in what we do doesn't mean that he isn't aware. One thing that we should keep in mind that freewill isn't always free. In the text the son that went away was find as long as he had something that people wanted. Folks will always embrace you when you have something they want but when it's gone, they're gone. This parable demonstrates to us that neither son had a relationship with the father. The oldest didn't understand the father's actions and the youngest strayed away. Even though the youngest strayed his father still received him back with open arms and blessings. The oldest one was with his father the entire time but failed to see his blessings right before his very eyes.