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Sunday Style: Asymmetrical Twist-out

Why didn't anyone tell me about this look...I'm all late. I saw that the video for "Shame" was posted back in April. I'm out of the loop with it comes to music videos. Ya'll have to keep me on my toes when there is a cute hairstyle out there hiding in a video.

My version of this look was not as full because did not include any added hair. I created as much fullness as I could by fluffing.

For the short side of the style I encouraged shrinkage by wetting the hair with a spray bottle filled with only water. The longer side of the hair was twisted after the hair was allowed to air dry for about 30 minutes.

If you hate shrinkage this is a perfect example of how it can be your friend - it can be used to simulate a cut. I'm going to look into more ways to use shrinkage to my advantage when it comes to styles.

For a tutorial of this style check out my YouTube Channel: Asymmetrical Twist-out

Sunday's Message
Victory Through Christ
1 Corinthians 15:57
We are in a war, but if you are a child of God you will be victorious through Christ. We should live victoriously because we are more than conquerors. Many times it may appear that we have been defeated but that is only temporary.
To live a Victorious Life
1. Encourage the presence of God. James 4:8
2. Embrace the promises of God. Hebrews 13:5
3. Entreat the power of God.
Live in a power beyond yourself