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Sunday Style: 8 plait Braid-Out

Sunday's hair was created out of pure laziness. On Saturday I wore a braid-out that was created with some plaits set with KBB Heavenly Jojoba Oil. On Saturday night I re-plaited the hair without product because I could feel that my hair did not need anymore. That is one product that lasts for days.

On Sunday morning I removed the plaits and fluffed to hide the parts.

Sunday was HOT so I know that I wont be doing a lot of braid-outs this summer. I usually save my updos and buns for the winter but it looks like they will be making a comeback to keep all this hair off of my neck during these hot days.

Sunday's Message (05/29/2011)
A Time To Remember
There are things and times in our lives for all of us that we would rather forget but God sometimes calls us to remember. The memorial that the Israelites were instructed to build was to serve as a reminder of where the Lord brought them from and a reminder of his power.
1. What the Lord has already done for us
2. The commitment we made to the Lord
3. The Lord deserves our praise - in everything give thanks