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In The News: Become a $5,000 Per Week Natural Hair Stylist.

Could you make $5,000 a week as a natural hair stylist? Robin D. Grover, creator of the RDG ceramic fusion styling technique suggests that you can. Grover is the owner of a premier hair care salon that opened in Atlanta, GA in 2003. The salons profits grew 600% in one year! For a simple wash and style at this salon it can cost you around $100. Grover plans to share her tips at how to earn such a significant amount of money when she speaks at the Atlanta Natural Hair Care Professional breakfast on June 20.

I admit, this sounds very interesting but I do not see this being possible for every salon in America. Atlanta is a city  in which a salon can charge $100 for a wash because there is clientele there that can afford such luxuries. Imagine a natural hair salon trying to charge those prices in a smaller market - it wouldn't work. Also, this present moment in time many people are unemployed and they are probably more worried about how to pay their rent/mortgage than they are about paying an arm and a leg in hair care.

Although...$5,000 a week does make me feel like I am in the wrong business...

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