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30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 9

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 9: How important do you think education is

I can play both side of the fence with this question. Sometimes I feel that education is extremely important and other times I feel that I could have done without some of it.

Basic education for all people is extremely important. I think it is so sad when an adult is unable to use proper punctuation in a simple sentence. The more time I spend online the more I realize that there are a lot of people in this world of all ages that lack or don't utilize basic education. I have even met individuals that are about 10 years my senior that could not read over a 6th grade level. I can't imagine trying to live on my own, buy a house, and enjoy life without knowing half the stuff I know. I can read and understand contracts, calculate bills, and figure out the steps to take to get what I want. Many folks are unable to do that (think about the mortgage crisis).

On the other hand, I went to college (graduated in 4 yrs) and then on to grad school (completed that in 2 yrs) and I am still not using my degree. I truly believe that I could have reached this point in life with just a high school degree. I am not where I want to be but I am thousands of dollars in debt over student loans. However, I am determined to get there - wherever that may be because I want more for myself. I want to do well so that I can give back to my community. So yes, I have my days when I am like "I wasted 6 yrs of my life learning things I am not even using." I can truly understand people that say college is not for everybody. It's true - it's not.

I don't take what I have achieved for granted and some people would be content with where I am.  I'm not, I have bigger goals and there is nothing wrong with that. Now to just figure out (hear from God) my path...

Speaking of education, is that day 9 sentence above grammatically correct? ::scratches head::