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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 4

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 4: Bullet Your Whole Day

The face I made at this was just UGH! Really?! My whole day?! Just my luck this fell on a Saturday, the day I do so many random things.
  • Woke up at 9am
  • Made coffee and drank a nice hot cup
  • Ate the breakfast my Hubby made me
  • Took the cars to get an oil change and inspection (I took one and hubby took the other)
  • Took the dog to see his "god-mother" and left him there - LOL
  • Washed both cars inside and out
  • Blogged while watch a an episode of Mad Men
  • Deep conditioned and styled my hair/created a YT vid
  • Watched TV for a few hours
  • Rode with Hubby (on the GSXR) and we went to the mall
  • Paid my Macy's bill
  • Rode the long way back home
  • Picked out my clothes for Sunday
  • Fell asleep watching TV
I was exhausted!