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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 2

30 Day Blog Challenge
Day 2: Something You Feel Strongly About

There are so many things I feel strongly about but if I had to choose...it would be mistreated children. It breaks my heart and makes me angry when I hear about, read about or see a child being mistreated. Whether its neglect or abuse - it all upsets me equally.

It seems that everyday in the news there is someone person treating a child cruelly. It sickens me. Children are innocent and I hate when they are corrupted by evil adults. Sometimes we see children that are behaving badly and we immediately frown upon how they are acting. However, many times there is an underlying story. I wish that counselors and doctors would seek out those stories instead of immediately labeling child and trying to drug them up the medication. If only 1 child out of a 100 turned out to have been exposed to some form of abuse - to me, all the extra work would be worth it.

Two recent stories (among many) in NC that really got to me:
Shaniya Davis, 5yrs old - raped and murdered
Zhara Baker, 10yr - found dismembered

Prevent Child Abuse Now
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children