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30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 18

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 18 - A Problem You Have Had

My biggest problem that I have had and still have is my temper. I thought I had it under control until Saturday evening around 7pm...this lady hit my car hard with her door and had the nerve to keep walking. She didn't realize that I was sitting in the car. Dark tint and a black car will hide you every time.

She said the wrong thing to me and I exploded. I literally had an outer body experience. I had to leave to calm down because I saw red. I did happen to circle around to get her license plate info so she will be paying for the damage that she caused. I am the type of person that will let things go if your attitude is right. Her's was very wrong and it just made me snap.

I'm not proud of how I acted and I am sorry for the way I flipped out. It was not Christ-like behavior. This is a problem I am still working on...