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30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 16

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 16: Something you always think "what if..." about

Sadly, this one is kinda easy. I say "sadly" because I try not to dwell on the past and the "what ifs." To be honest...back in 2003 I was stopped three times within a small time period by recruiters for Wihelmina. The first two times I threw the card in my purse and paid it no mind because I figure they were just trying to get as many people as possible (plus I had low self esteem). The third time I was like "what the heck, I'll give it a shot - it's free."

So I drove the 30 mins to their office and walked on the runway in my highest heels.  The lady in charge had this look in her eye like she was amazed and I could tell her wheels were turning. She asked me my age and height - I was 5'5" at the time and she refused to believe I was that "short." I have long legs so they give the illusion that I am taller. 5"5" and barely 100lbs, I guess I was what they wanted, lol.
(I must have hit another growth spurt because now I am 5'6" - ????)

She told me that they would love to sign me and that I would have to put modeling first. I was 1 semester away from graduating and I told her school comes first. :/

Now as I sit in a job that doesn't pay me what I feel a college grad should make, I wonder..."What if I would have went the modeling route?" I probably wouldn't have met my husband so that makes the "what if" a whole lot less painful.

However, I do have on my bucket list to someday model for someone somewhere - local, national, global - it doesn't matter. I think I have to potential to take good pics....when I am not the one holding the camera, LOL.