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This Knife Stabs and Then Explodes What It Stabbed

The deadliest knife ever made, ever.
You could just stab someone regular style, but what if I told you there was another way? A way that involved exploding them while stabbing them? Yes, I will most certainly go on.

The WASP knife is intended for divers who need to defend themselves against shark attacks (yes, it gets even more awesome) by Jaws-caliber sharks who aren't put off by simple stabbing. 
You see, fellow violence-crazed individual, the WASP knife, upon stabbing, injects the victim with a basketball-sized, freezing ball of compressed gas that instantly splodes them from the inside out--but not before freezing their internal organs. It's so fast that if you stabbed a Great White with one of these, the blood wouldn't even hit the water before the inflated shark rose to the surface.
The sickest thing? You can just buy these online. Yep. No special license or anything. Knife Center has them for $399.95 each. Please don't use them on actual living creatures. 
Here you can see John Stamos being coated in meat and blood for his portrayal of a WASP Knife victim in the Law & Order: SVU episode that aired May 4th. As you might suspect, this requires copious amounts of cow guts.