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Weekend Hair

On Saturday I attempted to attend an event [shall remain nameless] but unfortunately, I could not find the building. There were some questionable characters hanging around outside of the area that the event should have been located so I was not about to get out my car and look for this place. I did my hair, makeup, and got dressed for nothing. I hate that.

I think my hubby felt bad for me so he took me out to eat, that truly made it all better. We tried out a new Mexican restaurant and the food was delicious. You know a place has good food when other patrons tell you (out of the blue) that you will enjoy your meal and they have been eating there for years. I love southern hospitality - yes, we talk to strangers down here.

As for my hair...On Friday night I put 6 plaits in my hair using on Karen's Body Beautiful Heavenly Jojoba Oil. It was a sample that I obtained at the Curly Girls Rock event. Samples are the best thing a company can do for itself (in my opinion). I would have never ordered this product on a whim but being able to try it increases the chances that I will order or share with someone that may want to order the product.

OK, back to my hair...On Saturday morning I removed the plaits and just fluffed until all the parts were no longer visible. My hair was really soft and moisturized throughout the weekend - this was the only product I used the entire weekend.