We're not sure if Joshua Jackson should be all smiles, considering the reality-bending twists Fringe writers will have to come up with to get Peter Bishop back on the show for the fourth season due out this Fall.  Not only that, but he'll have to watch his back now that Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel) has officially been promoted to series regular.
It's been only a few weeks since the shocking events ofFringe's third season finale "The Day We Died," which saw Jackson's Peter Bishop suddenly fading out of existence after using the machine to tear holes between universes and finally bridge the gap in the parallel universe war (isn't this show great?), but already cast and crew are hard at work at plotting out season four.
And don't you worry folks, showrunners Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have assured viewers that Joshua Jackson will indeed return next season.  But who might be penning and producing the pages that see Peter's mysterious return?  Why, none other than former LOSTAngel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer David Fury, according to  his twitter!
Fringe fans will see much less of Kirk Acevedo's Charlie Francis however, who despite the universes merging has been cast in NBC's picked up series Prime Suspect, precluding him from appearing in more than three or four episodes.
The latest Fringe featurette also teases some tantalizing possibilities for season four that actors Lance Reddick andJohn Noble point out, both putting for that the Observers will likely take a larger role next season, while the recent alliance between universes could prove handy when Walter and Walternate face a common enemy! 
Check out what else the cast had to say below, and scribble on the board your own theories for Fringe's future in the comments below!