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You Asked, I Answered

You Asked:
@HerBestHair I have a Q: I've been natural for 1yr now & it's reached that slow-grow period. Any tips for faster growth other than vitamins?

I answered:
This is a very common question and I think the majority of us have pondered this at least once. My belief is that there is NOT a miracle product or pill out there that will result in mega-fast hair growth. You hair is growing, but what are you doing to make sure it's healthy and that you are retaining every millimeter that appears? For healthy and optimal growth you must take care of yourself from the inside out. If your body is lacking any of the requirements it needs to be healthy it will start to pull them from places that need them the least, like your hair. Vitamins are recommended to aid in hair growth because they will help to ensure that your body has the proper vitamin and protein balance it needs. I try to eat balanced meals because I am more concerned about my overall health.

The slow growth period you are referring to may mean that you are in the telogen phase of hair growth. It is important during this stage that you handle your hair with care, condition properly, and avoid styles that may cause breakage. You don't want to cause a setback during this period because then you increase your chances of having to start at a shorter length once you cycle back to the anagen phase. I hope this info helps and encourages you. Be sure to check out the links below for further encouragement. Be patient, the length will come - I know from first hand experience.

Sorry I don't have the "do this" or "use that" answer. We all want it. Good luck on journey. Stay consistent and the length will come. Document your journey monthly and you should notice that you are gaining length.

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