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Uncover L.A. Noire's Hidden Secrets with the Official App

Want some sick achievements/trophies? We've got you covered.

Depending on the game, I can be satisfied with online FAQs--that is, I would be, if I weren't perfect at every single video game ever made. But I've got to hand it to BradyGames for coming up with a strategy guide I actually want to plunk down money for.

The official L.A. Noire app (available for iPhone/iPad as well as Android) will help you find all of the latest RockStar instant classic's hidden content much faster and more efficiently than any poorly-edited .txt file you can print off the ol' interwebs.
The app, which will run you $2.99, consists of a completely zoomable game map. All over the map are little icons denoting the locations of the game's collectibles and secrets, like the film reels, cars, landmarks, and badges (should you have the Badge Pursuit DLC). That'll put you in the correct location. Once you're in the vicinity, tap on the icon of the item you want to find. The app will show you pictures of the item's general and specific area (both full-screenable) as well as give you detailed instructions on how to find it.
The best part, though, is that once you've found a hidden item, you can check it off as collected. You can then hide the collected items from appearing on the app's map, which will then show you only the items you still need to collect. This is way easier than trying to scratch 'em off as you go in your strategy guide. Not that I've done that.
Throw in some mood music and sound effects, and you've got yourself a decent little purchase here that puts you well on your way to regaling the RockStar Games Social Club with tales of your 100% completion rate.