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Sunday Style: 2nd Day twist-out

Whenever I want to get an additional day out of an twist-out I pineappled my hair at night and put on my satin bonnet. In the morning I just have to fluff and go.

This twist-out actually got a little "fluff" assistance from the high humidity that North Carolina has been having lately. The twists for this style were done earlier in the week and left in for a few days before un-twisted on Saturday.

Sunday Message (05/22/2011)
I'm About To Make A Come-back
Job 1:13-19; 42:10
Job's wealth was chronicled early in the book of Job but his greatest wealth was actually his relationship with God. Therefore, Job was not great because of his possessions, he was great because of his position (the right position is being in a relationship with God). During one of the most troubling times in his life Job had an unwavering faith in God. During his trial, Job learned 3 lessons that we all should learn:
1. We have buoyancy - God has given us the ability to bounce back
2. We have persistence - the ability to stand firm in the midst of obstacles [Romans 8:39]
3. Something is about to break - God will make a way out of no way, a breakthrough
Job got back all he lost and more as result of standing firm in the fear of God. You can have all the worth in the world but if you don't have Jesus you don't have anything.