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Princess Leia Buns

This week I stepped outside of my regular bun box and created some Princess Leia inspired buns.

I got comments ranging from "Your hair is cute" to "You look like a little girl." To achieve this look I parted my hair down the middle prior to getting in the shower to wash and condition my hair. I cleansed each side and then used an elastic ponytail holder to position the ponytails for the buns.

To prep my hair for bunning I applied a leave-in conditioner to each ponytail, followed that with coconut oil, and lastly SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Each bun is comprised of two 2-strand twists that were wrapped around the ponytail holder and hair pinned into place.

To smooth my edges I used the same leave-in conditioner, shea butter, and a satin scarf to tie down the edges over night. Theses buns were fun, I liked the way they looked, and they were quick.

If you are bunning for a protective styles, remember to switch up the bun position so that you will decrease the chance of experiencing breakage at the point of your in which the ponytail holder is placed.