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Patti Davis nude

Patti Davis nude
patti davis nude. Some publications really do live up to their titles. More magazine gives readers a little something extra in the June issue, which features a snapshot of 54-year-old Patti Davis’s bare bottom.
According to the women’s lifestyle mag, former president Ronald Reagan’s fourth child posed naked in its glossy pages to “prove a fitness regimen works at any age.” Davis, who stripped down for Playboy in 1994, wrote in a More column that she’d first aspired to take naked snapshots in 1986 when she saw nude pics of body builder Lisa Lyon.

“I found myself staring and realized this was the image of who I wanted to be,” Davis wrote. “She was confident and proud; her muscles were lean, defined and beautifully sculpted. (This was before some female bodybuilders began taking steroids.) I thought, Someday I want to feel that I deserve to pose nude like that. Not yet, but someday.”

But at the time, 34-year-old Davis was not in emotional or mental shape for such a revealing photo shoot.

“Not yet because when I looked in the mirror, I still saw the girl I’d been for so much of my life. The girl who had fallen willingly into the deep and dangerous waters of drug addiction,” Davis wrote. “I was 15 when I discovered both pharmaceutical amphetamines and tiny white tablets of speed, concocted in home labs or garages and sold on the street. The sound of pills rattling in a bottle was a lullaby to the pain in my soul. Over the years, I went on from speed to coke, and by the time I was in my 20s, I was in trouble. My body was wasted, my muscles thin and barely visible.”