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Does your hair goal match your hair reality?

Does this comment sound familiar or maybe you have made that comment yourself? I know I have. You can go on almost any hair forum and find a question similar to the one above. Sometimes a tweak with the style technique or with a hair care regimen can result in a closer desired look for the person asking the question. Other times, someone has to break the news to an individual and tell them "you don't have the texture of the person in that picture/video/magazine etc to achieve the identical look."

If a person has corkscrew curls, it's likely that they will have some difficulty achieving a twist-out similar to a person that has loose spiral-like curls.

When many ladies take that first step into the natural hair world they look at tons of photos of other naturals for encouragement. Having a visual goal in mind is a great way to stay motivated but unfortunately that can also work against an individual by delivering a false sense of hope for what their textured future holds.

So if we were to use hair typing...an individual with type 3 hair would find themselves constantly frustrated if there were to follow the regimen and seek the same product results of an individual with type 4 hair. All products will not work the same for all people. All styles will will not the same on all natural hair/transitioning individuals.

If you can't get an identical style look that your admire on someone else, it's okay. That is the opportunity to make the style your own. If their regimen doesn't work, change it. Seek YOUR BEST HAIR.

I admire the curls of Kelis but I know that I could never achieve the exactly curly look that she has been known to wear. The thing that I admire the most about her hair is the versatility and the boldness. There is nothing wrong with admiring the curls of other individuals but when you try to make their curls your own - that can cause unnecessary stress.

Do you have an hair idol/inspiration? How does their texture compare to yours?