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'Celebrity Apprentice' crowns winner

'Celebrity Apprentice' crowns winner
'Celebrity Apprentice' crowns winner. Donald Trump is back tonight on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC to crown the winner of season three. Will it be Bret Michaels, or Holly Robinson Peete? I am sure everyone is wondering if Bret Michaels will be at the live finale tonight after all the medical issues he has been through recently. You’ll have to keep reading for all the details!

Celebrity Apprentice on NBC starts off live tonight and Donald Trump takes us through the remainder of Bret and Holly’s Snapple tea task. Despite his setbacks last week, Bret comes back strong. As he is heading to the editing studio for his commercials, his loses his script sheet so in a last minute decision he decides to do one commercial including many of the materials he had. Summer nor Darryl had found them, so Bret just had to go with it without the script.

As they head to visit their presentation room, Bret gets an emotional surprise visit from his daughter Raine, the one who is currently testing borderline for diabetes. On Holly’s team, things seems move along very smoothly for the most part. Despite an early dismissal from Curtis, she manages to finish up all her work and prepare for the presentation.

At the presentation on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, Holly seemed to have no problems presenting her new tea “Compassionberry” which is a mix of passion fruit and strawberry. Bret, on the other hand seemed very nervous and got even more so when his jokes don’t seem to be going over well. Then he looked over at his daughter, Raine who was sitting in the audience and just decided to speak from the heart, which made it alot easier on him. At the end of the presentation, Donald Trump polled the audience to see which one they like best, and to Holly’s dismay, Bret got a noticeably larger amount of applause!

The Snapple folks seemed torn as they loved Holly as a boardroom businesswoman, but saw Bret as a Snapple spokesperson. They were not as pleased with Holly’s commercial as they were with Bret’s, but they thought Bret’s label was a little harder to read. Mr. Trump also decided to bring in Joan Rivers and Bill Rancic once again to give their thoughts on whom should win. Joan stated her emotional side made her choose Bret, while Bill was clearly for Holly….Nothing like making Donald Trump‘s decision any tougher.