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Anna Kournikova 'Biggest Loser'

Anna Kournikova 'Biggest Loser'
Anna Kournikova 'Biggest Loser'. NBC is promising “a big surprise announcement about season 12” of The Biggest Loser on its 11th-season finale this Tuesday, and a report says that the news involves the addition of yet another trainer: Anna Kournikova, the tennis player whose web site says she “is expanding her role on the world stage as a voice of children’s health, sportsmanship and spirit.”
With Jillian Michaels’ exit, that’d keep the show with four trainers, since it added two trainers this season, unless Cara Castronuova and Brett Hoebel exit. Bob Harper isn’t going anywhere, of course.

In an awkward and perhaps untrustworthy story that refers to the trainers as “judges,” X17 reports that she “will lend her athletic training skills to The Biggest Loser next season as the show’s trainer. NBC will make the formal announcement on the season finale next Tuesday.” That singular reference—“the”—is obviously incorrect, as the story later mentions new trainers Cara and Brett.

The tennis player, who released a fitness DVD in 2001, recently made news for selling her $19 million Miami mansion, perhaps because she’s moving to Los Angeles to do the show?