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Bimbe 2011
Every year Durham, NC has a Cultural Arts Festival known as Bimbè, this has been going on for 42 years. I have attended every year that I have known about it. This year the turnout wasn't as huge as it usually is because of the threat of rain and thunderstorms. It's a great event to attend because 1) it's free 2) the crowd is diverse and 3) LOTS of vendors. This year the final act was Rob Base and Big Daddy Kane but unfortunately we had a lot of events that day and were not able to stay until the end to see them perform.

After watching a few of Alicia James' videos I was inspired to try a new look with my hair and I am happy that it actually came out exactly how I wanted it. I think that Alicia James' hair is beautiful (as well as her singing) and I love when she wears her hair big and full but not necessarily defined by a twist out.

To achieve this look I parted my hair down the middle (my hair was previously in a bun) and did two plaits on dry hair. One on each side of my head. In the morning I just removed the plaits and fluffed.

 Here's a clip of the performance pictured above: